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The performance GEAR got into the 3rd year in a long run. And it is the first non-verbal performance originated in Japan.
What is the “GEAR”?

The non-verbal performances like “Blue Man” of Broadway, or “NANTA” of Korea got a huge public attention. Also in Japan, “GEAR” started in the April 2012 as “any time,” and “reasonable” entertainment for the tourists. And this got into the 3rd year in a long run (planned and produced by ART COMPLEX.)

Although it is held in a tiny theater of only 100 seats, more than 40,000 audiences with adults, children, even foreigners included have come and enjoyed. Here we present the attractions of this performance again.

The world-class performers of mime, break dance, magic trick, and juggle present a lovely story of a toy named “Doll” transforming a human girl through the various communications with an android named “Roboroid.”
This performance is set without any “words,” just being compounded with the action, dance, expression, music, and images satisfying all the senses.

And also, this performance is filled with the exciting materials. Stage setting gives an illusion loosing the way in the factory, or feeling like blown off by a gust of wind. And the contemporary technologies like the projection mapping, sparkling full colored LED dresses, and specially customized laser beams with 16million colors present everyone inexperienced impressions.

■The Highlights of “GEAR”

Non-verbal performance without lines
All the members never give any words. Not only the heroin named “Doll”, but also the other characters are composing a fantastic story only with hyper-skilled physical performances of mime, break dance, juggling, and magic. That is why the adults, the children, even the foreigners are possible to enjoy it together.

Direction of Light and Image Filled with Illusion
“Projection Mapping,” the technology to fit desired image onto the particular object, has been very popular also in Japan. In “GEAR,” it has already installed as an inevitable direction factor for various scenes since the tryout performance in 2010.

The Newest Sightseeing Spot in Kyoto
“GEAR” is played twice a day on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Especially, the show time set at 17:00 in the weekends and on national holidays. That is why the tourists can enjoy the show at the time between the daytime sightseeing tour of temples and shrines, and dinner at night. And the running time is only about 70 minutes so that short-stay visitors can also enjoy well enough this show.


Show Times:
The 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 14:00/19:00
Fridays, 14:00/19:00
Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, 12:00/17:00

ART COMPLEX 1928 (near Sanjo Kawaramachi crossing, Kyoto)

S: 4,700  A: 4,200
Students (college/university) & Seniors age 60 and older
S: 3,700 A: 3,200
Children age 18 and younger
S: 2,700 A: 2,200
*S is for the seats of the 1st and 2nd lines. A is for the other seats.
*Rush tickets are beginning one hour before show time at the Box Office, or call at the Gear Information 075-254-6520. Based on availability.

■Contact Information:
GEAR Information
1928 Blg. 3F, 56 Benkeiishi-cho,
Nakagyo, Kyoto, 604-8082
TEL: 075-254-6520(10am-7pm)
Website: http://www.gear.ac

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Uzumasa eigamura (Toei Kyoto Studio Park)