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Matsuo-taisha Shrine


Founded in 701, this shrine is one of Japan's oldest shrines. It enshrines the deity of water, which sake-brewing families have worshipped since the Muromachi Period (hence the large stacks of sake barrels).

Pure spring water, designated "one of 100 best in Japan", spews from the mouth of the "Kame-no-ido" (turtle well) statue here.

* Address: 3 Arashiyama-miyamachi, Nishikyo-ku

* Tel.:075-871-5016

* Entrance Fee:
Admission to the grounds: FREE
Admission to the garden and treasure house:
(Adults 500 yen / Students 400 yen / Children 300 yen)

* Hours: 5:00-18:00

* Access: 1-minute walk from Matsuo Station on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line