Courses in all directions

Arashiyama Course

Natural beauty is one of the main attractions of Arashiyama course. Strolling through a bamboo grove here is a particularly enchanting experience.


Togetsu-kyo Bridge

This bridge is the main landmark in Arashiyama.


Tenryu-ji Temple

Tenryu-ji Temple is a popular place to sample vegetarian Zen cuisine.

Rakushisha ("Hut of Fallen Persimmons")

Visitors here can see stone tablets inscribed with haiku poems.


Gio-ji Temple

This quiet temple was named for the traditional dancer Gio.

Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple

This temple is known for the thousand stone statues.

Daikaku-ji Temple

This temple was built in the 9th century as a palace for the Emperor Saga, who later converted it into a temple.

O-kouchi Mountain Villa


Sagano Bamboo Grove


Arashiyama Nature and Cuisine Course