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Cherry blossoms: Adding gorgeous color to ancient Kyoto

Cherry blossoms: Adding gorgeous color to ancient Kyoto

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In Kyoto, light pink cherry blossoms bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April. Along the river and around the mountains as well as temples and shrines, many cherry trees are planted to add gorgeous color to the old streets of Kyoto.
Cherry flowers are not only beautiful but also very special for Japanese people. It blooms at once and falls quickly. Identifying the appearance of cherry blossoms with their vain life, Japanese people have often written about it in waka poetry since old times. Japanese people are all looking forward to cherry blossoms as a sign of spring and "Hanami", where they have a picnic under the cherry trees. It is one of the famous annual events in Japan. Visit Kyoto in spring to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.

"Famous spots for magnificent cherry trees"

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Heian Shrine: Famous spot for scarlet weeping cherry trees

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Kiyomizu Temple: Night time illumination of a thousand of cherry trees

Incline: Cherry trees along an old railway trail

Tetsugaku no Michi (the Philosopher's Walk): A tunnel of cherry blossoms made by trees standing along both sides of street.

Maruyama Park: Giant weeping cherry trees.

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Okazaki Canal: Enjoy cherry blossoms with a boat ride.

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Nijo Catsle: 380 cherry trees that are illuminated in the night.

Ryoan-ji Temple: Cherry flowers give an accent to the stone garden.

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Hirano Shrine: You can enjoy various kinds of cherry blossoms.

Daigo-ji Temple: There is a cherry tree that military commander Hideyoshi Toyotomi loved.

Kyoto Imperial Palace: 1100 cherry trees inside the huge garden.

Ninna-ji Temple: Beautiful Omuro Cherry trees.

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